Steamworld: Heist iOS Review

Wow, wow, and wow! That’s all I can say about Steamworld: Heist for iOS. It’s probably the mobile turn-based strategy game I’ve played on iOS to date. Steamworld is a pleasure to play anywhere; whether you’re sitting on the bus, on a plane, sitting in the cafeteria during your lunch break; Steamworld is a pleasure to play and is astonishing. With headphones or without headphones, Steamworld is a perfect go to game.

Steamworld features quite a few things that kept me playing.

The first thing is the incredible graphics. I normally don’t judge a game about its graphics but, Steamworld’s graphics are different (in an agreeable way). The graphics are marvelous! I seriously would buy this game just for the art in this game. I have to say Image & Form have really outdone themselves with this one. Each character looks drawn and placed into a world that’s never before seen. All the characters that you play as you can see them in a world and customize your heart out; the graphics just make customizing and interacting with your character just as more enjoyable. Explosions, bullets, guns, faces, hats, bars, and even rusty spaceships are just a joy to play and interact within the Steamworld. Steamworld has definitely changed the way that I view turn-based strategy, not just on mobile but on every gaming device.


The second thing that really kept me playing was the characters. You first play as “Piper” which at the beginning you get to know Piper a bit then you begin assembling your crew for your ship. Piper is indeed a girl. I thought that was actually really great for the story. You don’t see many female characters in video games for the main character and you most definitely don’t see Female captains either. I’m really glad the developers chose a girl for the main role because you begin to really like Piper and as you play you begin to see Piper get more strapping and courageous. She leads an entire ship of crewmates and you really do begin to like Piper as a character.  You then switch to different characters and choose whether Piper puts them on your team or not. Being able to learn about other characters in the Steamworld and then being able to choose whether to put them on Piper’s team or not really got me into Steamworld and wanted to continue to play Steamworld until I just couldn’t anymore. The characters also have special abilities and are able to do other things that other characters in the world cannot do. Characters also don’t really speak a language that we (humans) can understand. The language that they speak is basically a bunch of beeps and boops. But through subtitles, you begin to understand why the character speak that and understand that the world you’re in isn’t human like but, is more robotic like.


The third and final thing that kept me playing was the storyline. Now granted this game isn’t completely based on the story but yet the game still finds a way to keep me understanding what’s going on and what I as the user needs to do in order to keep going in the game. Maybe it’s because of the short but detailed and very informative chats the characters have along each other. Or it’s the robots and their way of speaking that makes me have to read the subtitles and understand and grasp what’s going on in the game unlike just listening to the game and not playing any attention to the actual story.

Steamworld: Heist is only $6.99 on the US App Store and it may seem like a lot to spend on a mobile game but this is the exact game from Playstation 4, Wii U, PC, etc. Steamworld is truly worth the $6.99, trust me. I’ve never been a fan of turn-based strategy games ever and Steamworld: Heist has made me in love with turn-based strategy games not just on mobile but on other gaming devices too! The soundtrack, graphics, and just the whole game are really worth this price. If anyone were to ask me a good turn-based strategy game for iOS I would immediately recommend Steamworld: Heist to them anyday!