Samsung 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Techies love content; we love crispy, sharp, and clean content. Whether the content is on the go or on TV after a long day. 4K is still a new and most of us (techies) don’t have a 4K display or TV yet mostly because 4K is still new and cost quite a bit more than 1080P at the moment; especially for smart 4K TV. Samsung has really made a nice and affordable 4K TV for consumers and techies! This TV that Samsung has made is the perfect TV for consumers “new to 4K.” They’ve even made it easy for users to switch to 4K content without having to purchase extra devices to get that crispy 4K content you want! Let’s go through what makes this a great TV for techies this Holiday season and why you should.



Amazon currently has this TV 25% off this Holiday season which makes this TV a whopping $345.99! Which makes this a super good price for a 4K TV that does have built-in apps and it’s a 40-inch TV which is an extremely good deal for what you’re getting compared to the other TV’s out there. Samsung has filled this TV in and out of astonishing features and surprises! Even down to the smart remote that the TV comes with is smart and makes this an even better deal!

Ok, I understand that you get the price and why this is actually a really great deal but, what does this TV actually feature?

Well, first the TV features the ability to upscale images and video that are not 4K into content that looks crisp like 4K. It does it by an engine called “Upscaling Picture Engine” which, by software and hardware allows content that’s 1080p (for an example) look as or just as close to 4K. This isn’t anything special to this TV, though, many TV’s and displays have been doing this for quite a while now.

Samsung has also included a “smart interface” with this TV. Which means without purchasing anything extra like a Blueray player, Gaming Console, or an entertainment device, this TV has mostly all of these features embedded into the Tv itself. Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and other apps are built straight into the TV’s OS. Even Cloud gaming is supported on this TV! Cloud gaming allows you to access games from the cloud and onto your TV via a Console on the same network. All of these apps are accessible from the “Smart Remote.” Which is actually very nice and clean.Unfortunately,  this remote doesn’t feature any numbers at all so you’ll have to learn how to control this remote since it’s much different than most remotes. Besides the remote having zero numbers on the remote you can stream media from your smartphone (if supported) straight to the TV without having to do any extra spending money.

Overall, if you know a techie that’s in need of a new TV or just wants a new TV this is the TV to get! It’s affordable and won’t break your bank. This TV has built-in apps, a 4K display, Super slim design, super sleek  smart remote, and a ton of other great features for your money.