Full Recap of Apple’s “Hello Again” Event

Here’s is the complete recap of Apple’s “Hello Again” event, also known as the Macbook event.

Event Starts:


  • Apple begins the event with an accessibility video.
  • Apple launches an accessibility website.


  • Wonderful photos taken by consumers.
  • “Over 400,000,000 have been viewed and enjoyed my iPhone users.” – Tim Cook
  • Just over a month and already 60% of supported devices are running iOS 10, while Android 7.0 doesn’t even have 1% running Android 7.0 and probably will never.
  • iOS 10.1 has released with portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus and already has some amazing photos.
  • Apple Pay in Japan is now support for payments, transit, and more!

Apple Watch:

  • Watch OS 3.0  has made the watch so much simpler and easier.
  • Apple Watch Nike+ release tomorrow. (October 28th)

Apple TV:

  • “The future of Tv is apps.” – Tim Cook
  • Over 8,000 apps already on the Tv app store.
  • Also over 2,000 games already in the tv store.


  • Minecraft hits the big screen! You can now build new worlds on Apple Tv, iPhone, iPad, iPod, all together.
  • Over 1,600 apps for content.
  • New Apple Tv app that allows watching Tv more interactive and enjoyable.
  • You can now watch sports and read tweets!
  • Universal search was just the beginning for Apple.
  • Apple wants Apple Tv to be your Unified TV experience, the place to access all of your content.
  •  A new app from apple called “TV.”
  • The TV app tells you what’s next to watch, and look even further through your content.
  • The TV app even works on your iPhone and iPad, you can even pick up from your iPhone from your Apple TV.
  • You can now ask Siri what’s live and will show live content and lets you watch it.
  • Siri can even show you what other Football teams that are live (through ESPN) and watch them live on Apple TV.
  • TV app will be available free this December. (starting in the US)



  • Best Mac OS version ever was released this year. Mac OS Sierra.
  • “This week happens to be a huge week in the history of the mac and the history of apple. This week marks the 25th anniversary of our very first notebook.” – Tim Cook
  • “Today we’re going to do it again.” -Tim Cook
  • Tim Cook plays a video showing Apple’s first notebook, iBook G3 (clamshell), Powerbook G4, Macbook, and more.


  • “New generation Macbook Pro.” – Phil Schiller
  • Macbook Pro comes in 13in and 15in, it also comes in Sliver or Space Grey.
  • Macbook Pro (2016) is the thinnest and lightest Macbook Pro ever.
  • 13in Macbook pro only weighs 3 pounds. 15 Macbook pro only weighs 4 pounds.
  • New force touch trackpad and two times larger.
  • All new keyboard which has the 2-nd generation butterfly keyboard.
  • Apple gets rid of the function keys on the Macbook Pro. Goodbye. Now in replace is the “touch bar.”
  • Touch bar replaces the system controls. It’s also application specific. It can even be used for tools in, Photos, iMovie, Safari, and more!
  • Touch ID comes to the Mac for the very first time in the touch bar, integrated in the power button on the touch bar.
  • Apple’s new T1 chip comes to the mac enclaving security for touch ID.


  • You can even slide through your emojis right through the touch bar.
  • Macbook Pro has the best display ever. 25% Brighter, 67% higher contrast ratio, 25% more colors.
  • The new Macbook Pro is also the most powerful Macbook pro ever!
  • Every 15 inch Macbook Pro will have an Intel Core i7 quad-core.
  • Every 15 inch Macbook Pro will also get Radeon graphics. About 2.3x faster than the previous version.
  • Much faster SSD’s in the new Macbook Pros.


  • The 13 inch Macbook pros can have an Intel core i5/i7 Dual Core. Intel Iris Graphics up to two times faster. Superfast SSD up to two times faster.
  • Both 13 inch and 15 inch Macbook pro ship with four Thunderbolt 3 ports. Any one of the four ports you can use for Power, Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA.
  • You can have up to two 5K displays which is 34 million pixels. (including the retina display)
  • Both Macbook Pros offer 10 hours of battery life.
  • The new Macbook Pro is 6.8 million times faster than the original Powerbook.
  • New Macbook pro is 12% thinner and 13% less volume and weighs the same as the Macbook Air.


  • 13″ Macbook Pro (With function keys) starts at $1,499. 13″ Macbook Pro (With Touch Bar) starts at $1,799. 15″ Macbook Pro starts at $2,399.
  • Macbook pro with Function keys ships today and all of the other Macbook Pros ship in the next 2-3 weeks. You can order the Macbook Pros starting today.

Event Ends