Crushing The Streaming World. Mobcrush.

Streaming from your mobile device four years ago would have been like someone telling you here’s a million dollars. Well, it’s 2016 now and a lot of crazy things have happened in 2016 so anything is really possible. But the question is mobile gaming or mobile live streaming a thing yet? Well, actually it’s been a big thing for over two years now actually; and it’s truly an amazing experience.


Who’s making it possible to stream mobile games? Mobcrush is the one making it possible but on a large scale! There’re other services like Shou and Kamcord, but they’re not doing it like Mobcrush. Mobcrush is allowing anyone big or small to stream anywhere and any device. No matter if it’s an iPhone or an Android you can stream from the couch, bed, desk, school, and if you really want to you “could” stream from the bathroom just keep that face camera off, please.

Mobcrush has recently allowed streamers to stream from their PC, consoles, and of course your favorite mobile device. They’ve made it super easy and with one click or touch of a button, your streaming live to all of your returning and new viewers.

Within the last two months, Mobcrush has announced a ton of new features and features to come that will make Mobcrush even better. Some of the upcoming features are really going to change the way us, mobile gamers will stream and play games from our devices.


Mobcrush has made a simple and easy interface on both desktop and mobile to watch your favorite streamers. A clean and easy interface is key to getting people to continue to use your service and Mobcrush makes it easy and wonderful!

Besides a clean interface what makes Mobcrush a go-to place? Well, it’s a free service; Like it’s 100% free. There’s not a single thing that you need or have to purchase. In fact, there isn’t even ads! Yeah, you heard me; there isn’t even ads! Which already alone makes Mobcrush way better and overall just a wonderful service.

Mobcrush is literally crushing this industry because they’re using new technologies and new ways of how streaming should be. Mobcrush has made it possible for anyone on iOS 10, Android 5.0, to stream super easily to stream from any devices. They’ve also have the greatest support; which is key to a successful service and Mobcrush unlike other services have the best support and answer you questions and help you extremely quick and make sure that you’ve got helped.


Image via Mobcrush

I’ve been streaming on Mobcrush for about four months now and it’s been the best four months of my life. Ever seen I clicked that stream button Mobcrush and the viewers on Mobcrush have been some of the greatest people and I really regret not joining Mobcrush earlier.

Since I’ve joined Mobcrush, I’ve been in two InPvP invitationals which is a massive deal to me. I’ve also gotten over 2.6K (as of writing this) followers which is the most followers I’ve ever had on any platform like Mobcrush; I’ve also had really amzaing things happen to me and meet some really amazing people.

Alright, enough of my and my handy facts, let’s see what the community is saying about Mobcrush.


Here’s what the community is saying about Mobcrush:


“Mobcrush is the go-to place for streaming, everyone will welcome you with open arms and help you grow.”


“The lowest barrier to entry for streaming or viewing, and the capability for more advanced setups what more could you ask for? A great community? Mobcrush has it all.”


“Oh hey, I love Mobcrush because the streamers and the viewers are so welcoming. I don’t know how to explain it, they just make me feel like I’m at home :)”


“I love Mobcrush,how great the community is and how you can meet great people and streamers. You can talk to streamers and you can stream yourself and get your own fan base and have a great time.”


“Mobcrush has opened so many doors that I never thought I could open. It’s definitely a one of kind service with an amazing community that I have so much love for. It has changed my life even as cheesy as it sounds, it really has and for that, I am truly thankful. <3”

BrizzleMcFizzle / Mobcrush Partner

“Mobcrush makes it really easy to stream mobile games – literally plug and play. Streaming mobile used to require expensive equipment and Mobcrush removes that barrier. The mobcrush community is seriously awesome. It’s definitely growing everyday but it’s also tight knit. People there are passionate about mobile games and often each other – it feels like home.”

Muffintop / Mobcrush Partner

“I love Mobcrush because it’s a great place to play mobile games with others but it’s also an incredible community of great people. I have found so many friends here that I would have never gotten to without Mobcrush. I know there are many apps for mobile streaming coming out but there are none as flawlessly sleek as Mobcrush and no team more helpful or engaging as the one at Mobcrush. <3”


“Why I like Mobcrush:

One, The developers and staff behind the app are friendly and involved with the community; keeping them updated on the progress of the app as well as constantly seeking input from streamers and the community. The Mobcrush app is professional looking and very user-friendly. Two, high-quality streams with an emphasis on mobile gaming. Three, Friendly streamers who are very interactive with the chat and actually care about their viewers and the games they stream. Four, I love video games in general, but having a phone in my pocket at all times makes mobile gaming my choice for video game entertainment.

Mobcrush allows me to chat and interact with people while also making new friends and finding new games to play.”


“I love Mobcrush because the community is recognized as a family to me. I see so many common faces and names every time I stream or join someone else’s stream. Mobcrush has been the most successful thing I’ve done in my life, like I told my viewers on every single stream, I don’t do it for the views, I don’t do it for the likes, and I don’t do it for the followers; I do it cause it makes me smile seeing one person stop by my stream and say” amazing stream man. ”


“I love Mobcrush because it gives you a chance to interact with so many different people, and become close friends with so many people. You can be someone who makes someone’s day just by being yourself.”

Willy Whale

“Why I love Mobcrush is because they are a new community who have been through so many things within the 2 years I’ve been with them. I recommend any child or adult to come over and start streaming! The community is so new that it’s not even close to being toxic like Twitch and Kamcord are and it won’t be at all with the moderators and streamers who keep chat under control. The people who work at Mobcrush are amazing, they visit your streams and hang out, talk, and all that jazz. If you do not know what Mobcrush is look it up and join us!”

Extra Fun

“I love Mobcrush because of its simplicity, and its passion for what could be a strong mobile gaming community and for how much hard work they put into this application to be put on the front pages of the “new apps we love” on the AppStore, That’s why I love Mobcrush for how much time and thought they put into this great company!”


“Mobcrush unlike any platform I have streamed on isn’t just some website to stream on, to me Mobcrush is my home. Sure twitch can offer you a lot more but let’s be honest, twitch is pretty much for big YouTubers and big streamers. If you are not either one of those growing a community/family on twitch is hard. When your apart of the mobcrush community you get to meet awesome streamers, participate in mobcrush discussions and give mobcrush feed back on how to improve the community in future updates. To sum everything up, if you want to join a community that you could look back in a year and be proud of joining then join mobcrush. mobcrush will not stop growing!”

MeatBearTv / Mobcrush Partner

“I love mobcrush for a couple of reasons. First of all, Mobcrush has amazing tech.  They’re not just a site to host streams, they create and provide the apps to make broadcasting easy for everyone, no matter what platform you prefer.  Whether you want to do a very basic game capture, or run the most elaborate stream setup, mobcrush can accommodate any broadcast.  Also, shoutout to the wonderful staff and community.  The level of viewer interaction and participation is amazing, and I consider many staff members and viewers as friends.”

Hollow Wolf

“Mobcrush is and has been an amazing place for streaming mobile gameplay and other gameplay, it’s great for connecting with your viewers. And yes their may be some bugs and glitches every now and then, but Mobcrush is always fixing the issues, and listening to their users to help develop a solution. As small as the community may seem right now don’t be fooled because Mobcrush is growing rapidly with plenty of viewers and supporters let alone the active and entertaining streamers! I have used Mobcrush for plenty of reasons, including a place to go when I’m feeling down, and for some enjoyable live gameplay. I recommend Mobcrush to everyone, as there is a place for everyone.”

iPhonetips1 / InPvP

“I love how Mobcrush is so community oriented. They working with the different mobile games to create some awesome things for the creators and the viewers!”


“The best thing about being a streamer on Mobcrush is that you are surrounded by people who really care about you. That’s why I love Mobcrush!”

Fishdixgaming / Mobcrush Partner

“I love Mobcrush because it’s not just an amazing streaming community, but a mobile-first platform that also builds its own technology.”

The App Universe / Mobcrush Partner

“Mobcrush is like a family to me. I was a nobody before I started streaming there. I tried streaming on Twitch and no one seemed to care about the little guys. It’s not like that on Mobcrush, whether you’re a new streamer, already have a following, or you are just there to watch, you’ll be accepted into our loving family.”


“I love Mobcrush because of the community and it’s a really great and simple streaming service. When I first joined everyone was so welcoming and it was so easy getting started. I love streaming and am glad I joined Mobcrush!”

Pixie Method

“Why do I ? Mobcrush? Because, it fulfills my life and I feel complete with the staff, streamers, and the community!”


“Mobcrush is an amazing community and a great home for streaming and just having fun together the community has offer us ever in our life to be with.”

ICE Crush

“Mobcrush is the best and most reliable community throughout as streaming services goes. As long as I been looking for a great way to show people new games and grow a family of gamers like myself. Mobcrush made that possible, and much more. Between communication and friendly mobcrush workers. That are gamers like us willing to help you every step of the way, for you to show off your favorite game. Mobcrush has been like my 2nd family, and will always have a place in my heart. Amazing job, for all your hard work and awesome personalities. So, if your a lonely gamer out there, come on over to mobcrush, there’s always room in the Mobfam.”


” I Love Modcrush Because the community was so small back then and it grew over time! In Mobcrush I could stream on my device with out a computer and a Mac. I made so much new friends in Mobcrush I loved my  new friend that I made in Mobcrush. They cared about me they loved me; everyday they make me laugh. That why I Love Mobcrush I made so much friends over time in Mobcrush and now I can stream in my device with out a computer and a Mac. Everyday I get in Mobcrush I find new game that interest me And I play the game 24/7. That why I love Mobcrush I Will Support Mobcrush All The Way!”