Rugged Wireless Headphones. Los Cabos.

I’ve recently been looking for really good and affordable wireless headphones. I’ve got to say it’s extremely hard to find a good pair. Most of them are either garage or just too expensive and don’t hold a good charge. So I went to the company that make some of the best products and looked there. I’ve got to Outdoor Tech has really outdone their selves with their wireless product line. The Los Cabos are some of the best headphones and the best wireless headphones I’ve ever used, and here’s why.


Wireless headphones are still new and don’t hold a lot of charge, but the Los Cabos have changed that. On average wireless headphones last for about 4-5 hours. Anything over that; then the headphones are usually the wireless headphones then coast around 400 dollars or more. Well, the Los Cabos last for a good 10 hours on a single charge and the best part is the headphones are only $59.95! Which is an amazing price and deal; Once you see all the other features and deals you wonder why you haven’t already bought the headphones for yourself.

Los Cabos are super rugged, I mean like surprisingly rugged. These headphones can withstand your sweat from a small workout to a 10K run. No matter if you sweat a lot or a little the Los Cabos can withstand any amount of sweat. Hey, it’s also ok if you sleep with them on. Roll over the headphones in bed. You’ll be just fine! Shoot mow the lawn, you’ll be just fine too! Just make sure that lawn mower of your doesn’t get a hold of the headphones and you’ll be just fine!

Sound is very important to me. I love good bass and crispy sounds; the Los Cabos don’t disappoint at all. The Los Cabos have Hi-Fi sound, which if you’re not familiar with Hi-Fi sound; Hi-Fi is actually an older technology. This technology actually is meant to deliver very crisp and clear sounds. For an example, most headphones you wouldn’t be able to hear someone breathing while singing, with Hi-Fi sound though it allows you to hear even the smallest noises to help give you the clearest and crisp sounds. Why would you want Hi-Fi sound you may ask? Well, you may want Hi-Fi sound to listen to your favorite song or even your grandma’s fire mixtape in the clearest and crisp sound possible. To take full advantage of this feature you’ll need to plug in the 3.5 mm jack (which is included) to take full advantage of Hi-Fi sound. Don’t worry, though wireless sounds just as good too!

Control is everything for wireless headphones. If you have to pick up your phone and change the song or turn the volume up then what’s the point of calling the product “wireless” right? Well, the Los Cabos has all the controls you want all on one side! On the right side of these headphones, you get controls to Power on/off, Answer/ hang up, Volume Up and Down, Skip forwards and backwards. All of these buttons are made seamlessly all on one side (right ear piece).


RING, RING!  Are you going to answer that? The Los Cabos also allow you to make calls straight from the headphones with no wires, required! Talk to your Mother, Grandpa, or your best friend Jeff with one push of a button and you’re making plans to see the Grand Canyon!

Ok, I understand what the headphones deliver but what do we actually get in the box? Well, first thing is you get a box (of course),   you get the wonderful headphones, a 3.5mm jack, micro USB cable (for charging), you also get some really sick Outdoor tech stickers.

Overall, I’ve super impressed with these headphones and I plan to continue using the Los Cabos in my daily life. I recommend these headphones to anyone that’s looking to get into wireless audio or just someone that needs a new pair of wireless headphones for an amazing deal! I love these headphones (as you can tell) and I would buy a bunch of these for everyone I know. Why? Because a product that’s so well built and great deserves to be with more people in their daily life.

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