The Gaming Headset to Have!

I recently received the virtual 7.1 gaming headset from 1ByOne and to be honest, it’s stunning. It’s absolutely amazing. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using the  Apple ear pods non-stop because they were truly amazing and did everything I needed them to do. I’ve tried other headsets and they always hurt my ears or didn’t stay on my head. But, this headset by 1ByOne is something else!

I’m a huge fan of music and videos, and  sound is everything to me. If a video has bad sound or if music doesn’t sound good then I’ll just simply tune it out. With this headset, everything sounds so wonderful and really makes it seems like your in the game or video. Using the software that came with the headset the your able to turn the volume up and down, change audio effects, xear surround max, and a whole bunch more settings! This headset also has a mic which actually doesn’t sound that bad. It’s nothing like a professional mic but it gets the job done. The mic is also very low but you can change that in the software as well.

I’m really in love this headset, though I stream every day and this headset makes it much easier to stream. Why you may say? Well, first thing is the headset is super comfortable, like really comfortable. The headset really makes it feel like your in the audio. The headset fits perfectly on my big head and doesn’t hurt at all or give me a headache like other headsets that I’ve used in the past. This headset really feels nice and looks really stunning.


This headset has a USB plug and has a non-tangle cord which I’m absolutely in love with! The cord is super long which makes it even better because I can walk around my desk and stand up instead of having to take them off. The headset also has a controller which allows you to turn the headset light (red) on and off and turn your mic on and off super easy. (which also has a light.) The headset doesn’t make it easy to fold to transport, though. Which isn’t a bummer for me since I don’t have a laptop and I don’t travel very often.

Overall, this headset is my number one choice to everyone looking for an affordable headset for only 45.99 and want really good sound then this is the headset for you! . It may suck that this headset doesn’t have a headphone jack but, you wouldn’t be able to get the 7.1 surround sound if it wasn’t USB. So  do I recommend this headset to everyone, well yes. This si a very good headset and I think if you’re a gamer or if you not a gamer you’ll love this headset.