Pig Bang. The Game To Play.

Before I even start writing about this game and why it’s “The Game To Play” I should note you don’t actually bang pigs in this game, You shoot pigs. Oh, yeah, when you shoot a pig the gun goes bang. Well, you know what, nevermind. Let’s just get to why this is the game to play.



As of right now, you can’t actually get this game on the App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll need to sign up for the beta at pig-bang.com. You’ll most likely get a code to play it. I haven’t heard anyone yet say they haven’t got a code to test the game out. You’ll need to use an app called Testflight by Apple(Which allows you to test and send feedback to developers.) if you’re an iOS user.

You may ask, though, why is the game to play? Well, four words. Not. Pay. To. Win. Which is a big thing for a lot of  gamers these days. A lot of gamers really hate playing a game but then having to pay to win the game. Becuase, if you don’t buy in-game items but your opponents did then your most likely going to lose. Unless, your Super good or super human.

Not only, is this game not “Pay to Win” but it’s also super awesome! The goal is to defend your water and take all of your opponent’s water. Whoever gets to zero water first loses the match. You could think of this game like Vainglory but instead of destroying the glory you’re taking water. It’s easy to explain through video. I recommend you checking out this video by “Stream Gibbs” The video explains everything you need to know about the game and more!

Pig Bang. The Game To Play.