Nodus Shell Case for iPhone (Best Case Ever)

For the longest time now I’ve been wanting to get a leather case for my iPhone 6 Plus and I wanted a dock for my iPhone 6 Plus. You may know, the iPhone 6 Plus is a pretty big device, So finding a case for the iPhone 6 Plus can be a bit hard. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find a case that had a dock built in that you can take off and look premium until I found ” The Nodus Collection. ” That’s when I become in love with the Shell Case from Nodus and could never switch back.
I received the shell case in the mail from Nodus, The packaging was just as I expected or even more. The packaging delivered an outstanding look of the case and showed a very well tutorial of how to use the micro dock and apply it to any surface you would like.
I applied the leather shell case to my iPhone 6 Plus as the packaging said. Once I applied the case I noticed I couldn’t press the power button or the volume buttons. Which was kinda disappointing. I keep checking to see if the case was on right and it was. Then I realized that this case is leather and you just have to break in the buttons. After pressing the buttons for a very short period of time the buttons felt amazing! All you have to do is break the buttons in and then the buttons feel magical. The buttons alone make me want to use my iPhone even more because of how amazing they feel.

The cut outs for the camera on the rear of the phone are absolutely perfect. Most cases I’ve tried make the cut outs too small and effect the photos taken on the rear camera. The bottom ports and cutouts are also perfect too! The only thing I wish was if the headphone jack had a bit more space around it, I case the headphones you have a bigger radius around it. The edges are also very well protected, and would prevent a crack in your iPhone display from a minimal drop. It would protection your phone from a massive drop but it will provide pretty good protection from small drops.

Now, let’s talk about the micro dock. The micro dock is definitely one of my favorite features of this case. Just find where you would like to put your micro dock on and apply it to the surface you would like. Once applied just place your iPhone on the dock using the shell case and use your iPhone just as you would any other time without hesitation. Don’t ever worry about your iPhone dropping from this dock. The magnet is very strong and it will hold your iPhone just like if you were to place your iPhone on a flat surface and use your iPhone. The micro dock is truly amazing and makes the shell case the number one case for your iPhone.

Overall, if I were to get another iPhone case I’ll definitely buy the shell case from Nodus again. If you would like to get a shell case from The Nodus Collection feel free to click here to purchase yourself a case.