Talk Show App of the Week #38

I’ve haven’t been a huge fan of messaging apps to be honest. I just like to stick with iMessage and call it a day. I have to say I’ve been a really big fan of Talkshow though. It’s an app that allows you to make a “Talkshow” of whatever you want, Think of it as your own tv show. You’re the host and to make the Talkshow more entertaining you’ll add more co-hosts and viewers can view your Talkshow. 

The app is free and it doesn’t have in-app purchases or ads. Which I love, for what  you would think it would have ads but it doesn’t! There’s actually quite a bit of people using this app and it hasn’t even been a week since the app was launched.

If you like talking to people about things you love then this is the app to get! 

Can’t see the video? Click here!