My Favorite Classic iOS Games 

I was first introduced to iOS when I got my iPod touch second generation. At that time iOS didn’t have a bunch of games. I remember having only 8GB of storage and storage was like having a piece of gold. Back then I was a really big mobile gamer and I would always stay by an outlet because, I would play my iPod Touch until it would die and charge it right back up. I would never leave the house without my iPod Touch. Later on, I get an iPod touch 4th generation and then an iPhone 3GS, which was a massive surprise for me, and it would forever change the way I play games.

I just recently got a new iPad and I was thinking, I want to play some classic games. Not emulators but, classic iOS games. So here’s my list of my favorite classic iOS games. Please note some of these games are pretty old and may not work on newer devices. I would also like to note that a lot these games may not even be on the App Store. The only way to get them would be if you’ve purchased them before. So here’s my favorite classic iOS games! 

– Angry Birds

– The Sims 3

– Where’s my Water?

– Minecraft Pocket Edition

– NBA Jam


– Battlefield: Bad Company

– Grand Theft Auto: III

– Jenga

– Chop Chop Ninja

– Smurf Life

– Game of Life

– Flick Home Run

– Battle Heart

– Monopoly

– Plants Vs. Zombies

Do you remember any of the classic iOS games? Did I miss some? Tweet me @realtechie and let me know!