HOPDAY Wireless Earbuds 

I’ve used a bunch of wireless earbuds and the HOPDAY Wireless Earbuds are one of my favorite earbuds. Why you may ask? Well, for one really big reason. Battery life, if you know me I hate having to charge devices. The HOPDAY earbuds pretty much lasts for ever. I’ve used them for about a week now and everyday I’ve used them for about three hours everyday. I’ve only had to charge them once! Which is a huge, for wireless earbuds. All of my wireless earbuds lasts for about five hours and then they need a charge. Well, that’s not the case with the HOPDAY earbuds. I’ve found them to last a good six plus hours on one full charge. Which is super amazing, it has really changed the way I listen to music since I don’t have to charge the earbuds every two hours. 

The HOPDAY earbuds sound good. I wouldn’t say they sound the best for wireless earbuds. They’re very clear, and the bass is actually kinda bad. I wish the earbuds had a better bass. But these get the job done. Which is ok for me, I really like to have good sounding earbuds. But for $19.99 (as of this post) I’ve got to say it’s a steal for these earbuds. Especially, sInce they’re wireless!

Like I said I’ve used these earbuds for a little over a week now and haven’t lost connection to my phone yet. Which is a huge plus since every pair of wireless earbuds I’ve owned they’ve all cut out except these. Which is really good, considering they’re Bluetooth and Bluetooth almost always cuts out. 

Overall, for the price of these earbuds they’re a really good deal! I’ve used a lot of wireless earbuds and even though they don’t sound the best, they really packs. Punch! If you would like to check out these earbuds or even buy them click the Amazon link below.

Model: QY8 Bluetooth Headphones 

Version: V4.1+EDR 


Bluetooth Profile: HFP ,HSP,A2DP,APTX 

Range: 8m distance 

Cable Length: 60cm 

Noise reduction: CVC6.0 

Stand-by time: about 150 hours 

Calculating Conversation Time: about 5 hours 

Charging time: About 2 hours