Space Marshals App of the Week #35


I’ve never been a huge fan of “space” games. I’m not really sure why but I’ve just really never like to play them. I’ve also never been a fan of any 2nd person type game besides League of Legends. I knew what I was getting into whenever I downloaded Space Marshals. I kind of figured that it was going to be a game that went straight to the garage. Well, I was very incorrect. It was an amazing gameplay experience. That’s coming from someone who’s open to try new games but is very picky about the games. 

One thing that made Space Marshals App for the Week was the graphics and performance. I was super surprised how well this game looked. To be honest I thought this game was a port from a console, but it’s not! And that surprised me the most!  The graphics stranded out the most. With Apple’s Retina display you can see every little detail and it makes the game look awesome! Besides the amazing graphics, the performance of this game is out of this world! It seems like the game runs at a smooth 60 FPS. (on supported devices) After playing the game for a little over three hours I only experience one lag spike and it didn’t crash the game it was just very slow for about ten seconds but, it soon fixed it self. I’m not sure if the game is using the metal rendering engine by Apple but whatever it’s using, it’s amazing!

The second thing that made the game a really awesome is controller support. This may not be huge for some people but that’s a massive feature that I believe every game should have. It makes playing iOS game so much funnier and makes the iOS experience so much better. It feels like playing a console game but on a smaller and a more  portable device. This feature is a huge when since the entire game works with a controller. Unlike most games, where they only support partial-support for controllers. 

The third and final reason why this game is so amazing and deserved to be on App of the Week was iCloud support. I’ve play a bunch of games where they don’t even support iCloud which is super stupid. Since having an iPhone and an iPad I really want my game progress to save without having to sign-in to Facebook and save my progress that way. With iCloud it saves your progress and let’s you switch devices and continue where you left off.

Overall, this is a must get game. It has hours and hours of gameplay and works on pretty much any modern iOS device, which if you know me, if a game supports pretty much any iPhone, iPad, iPod it really makes me love that game/app. I really do think is a game worth buying. (As of writing this Space Marshals is free on the App Store.) If you’re looking for a new game to try and just need something new to play, I dfinitely think you should visit the App store and give it a try yourself.