What’s Happening to the Macbook Air?

Apple announced their new product line “Macbook” Which they have had in the past. What’s different this time is the Macbook is thinner then the Macbook air. The main purpose that the Macbook air has the ‘air’ part is to show how portable and thin it is. Well, with the new Macbook it’s a whole lot thinner than macbook air, So how can Apple call it the Macbook air? Well, I have a few thoughts what they may do with he “air” part.

My first thought is Apple is going to move the design of the Macbook Air and make it a bit thinner and move it over to the Macbook line. Then the Macbook will go over to the Macbook Air line. That would make the most since, unless they’re trying to make the “air” a different meaning.

My second thought is Apple will just discontinue the Macbook Air which would suck but I don’t think Apple is willing to give up there air product line just yet. Apple has the iPad Air which they still sale but makes me think they’ll keep the air line and just make the iPad Air like the Macbook Air where there’s a Macbook Pro theres a iPad Pro.

To be honest I think Apple will just stick with the Macbook Air and probably make the Macbook air thinner and more powerful then the Macbook. That’s my thought of what is happening to the Macbook Air. Tweet me @Realtechie and let me know what you think is going to happen to the Macbook Air product line.