Survius Zombie Survival for MAC/LINUX/PC


Mac and Linux doesn’t really have an open world zombie survival game, Besides Unturned, which is more like a blocky survival game. PC has games like DayZ, which is a lot more realistic and Mac and Linux still doesn’t have anything  “open world” like. Well, I think I may have found a solution to that problem.

Survius, is just what Mac and Linux users want (PC too!). Survius is a realistic zombie survival game that is open world and looks pretty good. The only thing is the game is still in development   and there’s still much more to add to the game. You can already play online and create an account for free which is super nice. This game is free-to-play which means you can jump right into the game right now and not have to pay anything.

There’s one small thing us gamers need to do if we want to keep this game in the works. As of right now the developer would like the users of Survius to donate (If you want) to help him get this game on Steam Greenlight and continue to work on this super awesome game. Please keep in mind you don’t have to donate and you can play for free, but I would say if you would like to help there’s two things you can do. You could donate if you would like or share this game.

The reason why I’m even writing about this game isn’t because the game need money to continue, but it’s to let Mac and Linux gamers know that there’s an open world zombie survival game out and it’s amazing.

If you would like to download the game click here. If you would like to watch some gameplay and how to install Survius click here or watch the video down below.