TOTU Wireless Earbuds + Giveaway!


WOW, Just wow! These ear buds are just truly amazing! I pretty sure I’ve never loved ear buds as much as I love these. That’s actually saying a lot from someone who only used the Apple ear buds, because they were the only ones that actually fit perfectly!

Once I got the TOTU wireless ear buds in the mail I thought “These are going to suck and just stay in a drawer.” Well, I was completely wrong! The TOTU ear buds have replaced my Apple ear buds! Which are now in drawer of cables and other stuff that don’t get used anymore.

The TOTU wireless ear buds truly sound amazing. I tried 5 movies, 6 TV Shows, 20+ songs, 2 audio recordings, and these are just perfect. The right amount of bass and astonishing acoustics. These have really changed the way I listen to music, movies, shows, etc. They are just amazing!

Besides the amazing sound, they fit SUPER nice! I thought the ear hooks would be annoying but they fit super nice and goes on and off your ears nicely too! Also don’t worry about sweat. The TOTU’s got you covered! The TOTU ear buds have a thin layer of liquipel protects the BT-2 Bluetooth headphones from moisture.

What’s the one BIG killer for wireless ear buds? Battery life right? Well, forget about charging them for the next 7 hours! The TOTU’s wireless ear buds have a long-lasting and rechargeable battery that for charges 1.5 hours, delivers up to 7 hours of playtime and 160 hours standby time!

So far, the TOTU’s sound amazing right? Well, they must cost a bunch right? Well, yes. They’re affordable! When you purchase the TOTU’s on Amazon you get 62% off which makes them only $50! That’s cheaper than most other wireless ear buds and they’re also much better than most of the wireless ear buds I’ve seen.



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