Guide to Gaming on a Mac


Gaming on a Mac is very unheard of, but why? Mostly because people think that you can’t play games on a Mac. Which is totally untrue. You can game on a Mac, for a fact there’s some reasons why you should game on a Mac. But what’s the guide to gaming on a Mac? Well, you’ve came to the right place! Here’s my guide to gaming on a Mac.

1. The Basics

First, you’ll need a place to buy your Mac games right? Well here are the best places to purchase your Mac games.

  •  The Mac App Store

PRO: Built into Mac OS X and super easy to use.

CON: Small choice of triple A games and expensive.

  • Steam

PRO: Dirt cheap games and TONS of Triple A games

CON: Not DRM-FREE (Must use Steam to Play any of the games you purchase, using their service)

  • Feral Interactive

PRO: Bundle of games and you have the choice of Boxed games too! Plus DRM-FREE! Triple A games!

CON: Expensive games.



CON: Quite a bit of Scammers. ( I recommend using  G2A Protection service – extra charge)

  • Humble Bundle

PRO: Huge bundle of games for a cheap price and supports charities.

CON: Mostly Windows games. ( There is Mac games out there though)

  • Mac Game Store

PRO: All Mac Games and some games are DRM-FREE.

Con: Quite a bit of mobile/ and few Triple A Games

2. System Requirements

Macs are known for having integrated video cards which aren’t the best for gaming. But how do you tell if your game will work on your Mac?

It’s super easy to tell if your Mac can run the game. (I’ll be using Steam as an example.) Look around for  something that says “System Requirements.” and see if you Mac can play it.Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.53.42 PM

Not sure what your Mac’s specs are? Click the Apple logo in the far left corner. Then click on the tab that says “About this Mac” and you should get a screen that looks that this:MACSPECS

Match up your specs and make sure you can play the game. Please note that if you video card isn’t support then in most cases the game won’t play.

3. Keyboard, Mouse, Controller

Input devices are the most important thing about gaming. But what’s the best thing Keyboard, Mouse, and even controller to use on a Mac?


My favorite keyboard to use is the Apple wired Keyboard but another great keyboard is the Razer DeathStalker Chroma.


My favorite gaming mouse to use is the Razer Abysses Mirror. It’s affordable and super comfortable to use!


My favorite controller to use while I’m gaming on a Mac is the Xbox 360 controller. But, the HORIPAD Ultimate also works wonderfully!

4. Don’t Let Windows Fool You!

You may think Windows have a lot of games and runs faster. Well, thats not fully correct anymore. With Apple integrating Metal into the new Mac OS X, future games will run better then ever! Also, many Windows games coming to the Mac.

5. #MacGamer

Enjoy being a Mac gamer!