American Truck Simulator Review 

I’ve never actually bought a game on launch day, but American Truck Simulator I did. I loved the squeal which was Euro Truck Simulator 2 and it made me want to get American Truck Simulator. It something with driving a truck that is pleasant. 

American Truck Simulator is currently $19.99 on Steam. Which is a super good price for a new game and a simulator. Before SCS released the price I thought it was going to be at least $30 but it wasn’t and I was glad to see it was only $20. 

ATS uses the same engine and graphics as its sequel, Euro Truck Simulator. But In American Truck Simulator you do take place in America though. You get all new trucks, maps, radio stations, and more! 

While playing ATS for a while I didn’t notice a single bug which is good for a release date game since most games nowadays have some kind of bugs at luanch. I did notice that even with more cars, trucks, and building, that it did run a lot better then Euro Truck Simulator which always seemed to lag a bit when going in to the city. With ATS it ran very nicely and not a single lag spike. Which is a huge plus for someone who games on an Intel chipset.

Currently, American Truck Simulator only has two states. SCS CEO did say they are working on bring in more states soon. With only having two states so far you’ll still have hours and hours of gameplay since there’s tons of roads to discover! 

Along with the maps being really big you would probably think the AI would be really bad or the same as ETS. Well, it was actually way better then ETS. For playing for only two hours and almost getting in to a wreck in the game is really good for a simulator driving game with tons of AI. With having good AI the trucks also drive really good and seem to go a bit faster then in ETS too!

Overall, for a $20 game and it’s stil in progress it’s a really good game. You may think driving a truck would be boring, but you’ll be surprise that it’s really fun for some reason. Trust me I’m not the only one saying that either! Just look at and look at the number of people playing American Truck Simulator.