My Windows 10 Experience


Before I start sharing my Windows 10 Experience, I would like to note three important things before I start. The First thing is I haven’t used Windows is very long time. The Second thing is I running Windows 10 through Boot Camp via Mac OS X. The third and final thing is The main purpose of installing Windows 10 on my Mac is to play PC games.

Alright, Lets start at the very beginning. I first had to download the 64-bit one language Windows 10 iSO from Microsoft. From there I launched Boot Camp and went through the various steps. I then partitioned my 1TB HDD leaving Mac OS X with 750GB and Windows 10 with 250GB. I then let it do its thing for around 2+ hours. I knew something wasn’t right so I had to “Force-Quit” Boot Camp. Which I knew isn’t the best thing to do at that point. I restarted my Mac and looked at Disk Utility to see if it was partitioned. Luckily it wasn’t. For some reason Boot Camp completely stopped working. Which didn’t make the partition.

Time for a second try! I restarted from scratch. This time I got it to work! Which was a very good step since the first try didn’t work for some odd reason. (By the way it only took about 1 hour for boot camp to finish.) The next morning I tried to turn my Mac on. No signal at all. Mouse stopped working. Everything didn’t respond, but the monitor did, but it was a black screen. I was lost. I was beginning to turn my Mac off and on then I got signal!

The Mac restarted and went in to Mac OS X. I wasn’t sure what actually happened so I restarted and held down the Alt/Option key. I found 4 drives, Time Machine, Macintosh HD, Boot Camp, ESI Boot. I went to the Boot Camp one and went through the steps to install Windows 10. No Luck, I formatted the drive and did everything possibly right. Restarted and hoped maybe it was a bug or something. Nope! Still not letting me install. Even after I formatted the Boot Camp drive as instructed and made it a GPT partition. Windows said that it could not read or locate that drive but the drive was right there!

Now to research why this is happening, Apparently with Mac OS X El Capitan, it made it where GPT partitions can’t be locate or found through the Windows installer. I did found some solutions though.

I tried the first solution and that was to use commands in the Windows 10 installer. The commands basically wanted me to wipe my entire Hard Drive with Mac OS X on it. I could not do that since restoring all my files would take forever to do. So on to the second way.

The second solution was to use the EFI boot and install it that way. I went through the steps and reformatted the partition and just as I thought it would work another problem. I got the error “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one.  For more information, see the Setup log files”  Basically that solution didn’t really help me.

I restarted and went back to Mac OS X. I begin to research and lot more. I begin to read every comment and see if anything could help me. I finally found something. I needed to format the partition as EXFat. Using Disk Utility. I also read some more and found out I should unplug every USB and Thunderbolt storage device expect the “WINNISTALL” device to install Windows 10.

Time to try the process once again. This time I tried the EFI boot and formatted the drive through Windows installer and you would never believe it, It worked! After all of this I finally got it to work and I  haven’t had any problems since installing Windows 10!

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading my Windows 10 Experience. It took a lot of work to get it working on my Mac. After all of this I’m not sure what really went wrong. I think it may have been El Capitan and the way it couldn’t locate the partition disk even though it was there. I’m just glad that I finally got it to work and I able to dual-boot now.

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