Dead Effect 2 App of the Week #23


Bringing console graphics to your iPhone. Dead Effect 2 is here and it’s the best looking first person shooter on iOS to date.

I discovered Dead Effect 2 first on the Mac and I realized that it was also on iOS! Which was very shocking. I thought it was going to be a very lazy port game to iOS with very bad graphics, but I was wrong. Very wrong actually. Dead Effect 2 brought amazing graphics, controls, and gameplay straight to iOS. With the best part is that Dead Effect 2 is FREE on iOS which is truly amazing for a game that is this good.

Dead Effect 2 does offer in-app purchases, but once again I haven’t found myself to purchase any of them since you can earn them in game. Also there isn’t a single ad in the game. Which if you know my I love games that don’t feature ads. 
Overall, I think this is the best looking game out for iOS right now. If you’re also looking for a game to use you controller with, then this is the game to get. 


         You’re early! Video will be up soon!