We Were Wrong. It’s the iPhone 5SE?


Rumors everywhere are saying that the net iPhone will be the iPhone 6C which would sound pretty believable, but for Apple make an iPhone out of a plastic material and put it in a very thin profile iPhone isn’t very possible. We can never doubt Apple after the 2015 Macbook though.

Couple weeks after that rumor we get this rumor showing an iPhone 6 and a iPhone 5. Which both of those are 4-inches. Which can be claimed to be a iPhone 6C. While that sounds great the iPhone isn’t colorful! It’s just the plain space grey color. It’s also not made out a plastic material, it’s made out of aluminum. Which this could mean Apple doesn’t want people to call the smaller and more affordable iPhone “Cheap.”

From what I know the iPhone 5SE will have pretty much the same guts of the iPhone 6S just in a smaller iPhone, But don’t expect a 3D Touch display in the iPhone 5SE. With having those specs you could expect the iPhone to start at $450 and it could go much more up for the amount of space you want. (Example 32GB $599)