Lifeline App of the Week #22


Come save Taylor! Their ship have crashed and you must time them what to do and where to go. If you lead Taylor in to the wrong place or do the wrong thing you could lead he/she into death! Lifeline is a free app (as of 1/21/16) and the best part is that there isn’t a single ad and no in-app purchases! Lifeline also works with you Apple Watch wonderfully and makes it a smaller version of the big versions on your iPhone screen.

I recommend getting this app “while” it’s free since the app will cost money after the App of the Week is up. Also you get to act like your saving someone from another planet! How freaking cool is that? But, if you don’t like deaths then, hmmmm you may want to either make Taylor do things that won’t kill he/she or don’t play the game at all. Overall, gave the game a chance and it you’ll definitely love the game.


Can’t see the video? Click Here!