HoriPad Ultimate, The Best iOS Controller


I rencently bought the HORIPAD Ultimate from the Apple Store. At first I though the controller was going to be at least $70.00 since it’s at the Apple Store. Well, I was wrong. The HORIPAD was only $49.99. Which is cheaper then buying a console controller which costs $60 to $70 dollars. That was a huge plus for me already. 

I was either thinking about buying the Steel Series controller, which costed the same price as the Hori controller. I knew Steel Series was a big brand so I was going to go for them until I looked at the reviews. The Steel Series cheap feeling and only had a battery life of 40 hours. Both controllers work with Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. Which means a lot since I will be using these controller on all of these devices. So far the Steel Seeies isn’t the one that I really want at this point. Now time to feel the controllers. The Steel Series felt good but very light and felt like it fall apart over time. But the triggers felt amazing! The HORIPAD felt wonderful in the hand and it was heavy and seemed like it would last a long time. The triggers though felt “ok” and it didn’t feel great but would get the job done.

I finally came up with the decision to go ahead and buy the HORIPAD since it pretty much had everything better then the Steel Series.

I finally tried out some games on my iPhone and I was super surprised. Almost all of the games on my phone that were either adventure, first person shooter, or racing, had controller support. Which I was super excited about. 

I haven’t even had to charge the controller yet since it has gotten out of the box which is amazing, for a Bluetooth controller. 

Overall, I love this controller a bunch! I haven’t had any problems either he controller and it my best purchase of 2016 so far!