Top 5 Tech Podcasts 

There’s a lot of really great podcasts to listen to. I’ve found that there’s a TON of technology podcasts out there. Here’s five of the best podcasts to listen to. Let’s begin! 

The Tech Guy – Listen Now


My favorite podcast to listen too. Leo Laporte answers calls and finds a why to help his caller. If you like finding ways to help people with technology then this is the podcast listen too! 

Mac Break Weekly – Listen Now!

Join Leo Laporte and his friends to talk all about Apple. I know the podcast name is “Mac Break Weekly” but most of the time they talk all about Apple.

iMore Show – Listen Now!


The iMore Show is all about Apple. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and more! Anything apple related happens in this show.

Reply All – Listen Now!


The podcast all about the Internet. Inside and out. One for the best podcast to listen to if you’re addicted to the Internet. #WeAllAre 

Note To Self – Listen Now 

Note to self…… Listen to this podcast.