PC Sales are Dropping


The PC a.k.a the Personal Computer is one of the many items that get used everyday, Wither it be at work, school, or at home. Pretty much everyone has a computer or access to a computer nowadays. But the sales are looking good though. Here’s why.

With new technology computers last much longer then they used which makes it hard for somebody to spend $600 on a new feature that they really don’t need.The average computer lasts around 2-3 years depending on the computer. Which makes it hard for somebody to spend money every year for a new computer. Last quarter definitely showed it.


This is a chart from IDC which shows a decline in sales for PCs. But, you guessed it, the most valuable company in the world has mange to make a big improve meant from the PC Vendors. Which isn’t good for Microsoft since they released Windows 10 on July 29th 2015 and it’s Holiday season to which they should get more sales considering that.

Overall, We see a huge decline in PC sales and it’s not looking good, For Apple though it’s looking wonderful for them! With a decline of PC sales means two things: PC are getting more powerful and you don’t need to upgrade as often or less and less of people want a computer and they just want to use their smartphones as a computer.