Star Wars Tech Items You Need!

Star Wars is currently EVERYWHERE! One thing I’ve notice is that Star Wars tech is no where to be found! Well, I’m going to fix that problem, right here and now! So shall we begin?

Star Wars Tech Support T-Shirt 


This is the Shirt to show off you Geekiness and tech skills! Comes in four sizes and starts at $18.95.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 headphones


Rock out to your favorite music with these awesome BB-8 headphones. You also get to show off your awesome BB-8’s. Which stands for “Best Beats 8.”


Star Wars Yoda Flash Drive 


Yoda has turned into a flash drive! Well, all he’s good for now is reading and writing files on him. At least you 32GB worth of files!


HP Star Wars Special Edition Laptop

xxl_HP Star Wars laptop-970-80

This HP laptop just screams the dark side. with a 15.6 inch screen, 1TB HDD, Intel Core i5 and more! What else could you ask for?