Narwhal App of the Week #21


I’ve been in-search of a really good free Reddit for iOS. Which you may know if you follow my @Realnanners Twitter. I’ve always liked Alien Blue which is now Reddit’s official app for iOS. But It not super simple and it’s hard to find new articles and log-in and out. So my search begin.

I’ve found a couple like BaconReader, iAliens, amrc, Rhombus, and more! I finally got tired and went back to using Alien Blue which I didn’t like. After a few weeks I came across Narwhal. Which at first I thought it was a game then I realized that it was a Reddit reader!

After using Narwhal for a couple of days I found ADS! Which we all know I hate ads. But this was a good thing in a way. You can get rid of them instead of paying money. All you had to do is everyone share Narwhal and BOOM! Free ads for a month. If you don’t want to do that you can pay $2.99 for no ads. Plus Narwhal is free so you shouldn’t have to pay for anything, if you don’t want to.

Overall, I love Narwhal and I really wish that I would have found Narwhal so much sooner. Especial on the trip I took to Florida last December. The app is so simple it hard to switch to any other reddit app. Plus it’s #iOSONLY!


Can’t see the video? Click Here!