Mac OS X 10.12 Coming This March?

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.20.50 PM

It’s very likely that we’ll see a new Mac operating system this year, But when? Many times Apple has a special event in March. Wither it’s to release a new product or new software that’s one place that Apple will do it.

I’m thinking and along with some other sites like Mac rumors and more, believe that Apple could announce 10.12 this March. We’re not really sure of the name just yet. We do believe that 10.12 will have something to do with iOS. I’m not saying that they’re going to integrate Mac OS X and iOS altogether. What I’m saying is that it’s very possible that iOS will work much better with Mac OS X.

Pretty much every time that Apple announces a new operating system they always include better battery and system performance. This time we could definitely see much better improvements since Apple’s new Macbook runs on a intel Core M. Which we all know are very weak processors but are very power efficient. To allow Apple to make the Macbook faster but use less power that will be up to Apple’s Software engineers.

At this point, there’s not much rumors or news we know about Mac OS X 10.12. I would predict that we get a lot more news when it gets closer to March.