Thank You 2015!

TY152015 has been one of the best years in my life. There’s been lots of wonderful things that have happened. The first HUGE thing was creating That’s is where it all Started. I also created YouTube channel for my tech website. Soon after that everything just went BOOM! (In a good way) My site is reaching some of the highest views I’ve ever seen and posting more posts then I have ever done before. Soon after that I bought This was a massive deal. I’ve never owned a website before and I finally got one. How Well, it’s because of you. The person that comes back and reads ,and even share my articles with others. Right after that I did a campaign to help me get an Apple Watch and who would have guessed it? I actually was able to get one. Straight after that videos were coming in like crazy! I have App of the Week every Sunday and I have tech videos coming out like crazy too! I’ve stepped up my editing game too! I was able to get a new iPhone this year to help me write on the road and this year has been the best. There’s only one group of people I can really thank. That group is “The people who supported me through out this time.”

I’m going to continue to produce content and provide you guys with the realest tech news, updates, rumors, and more! I’m going to make 2016 even better. I can’t wait to see you guys next year. Thanks!

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