What to Expect from the Apple Watch 2


Apple announced the first generation Apple Watch this year in April. Like most of Apple’s first generation devices they still need “improvement.” The Apple Watch is small and semi-thick. Watch OS 2 is ok, there’s a lot that needs to be fixed before they release a new Apple Watch.

Apple is very secret about anyone knowing even a slight bit about what there next product could be. Most of the time tumors about upcoming products come out a month or so when the product is soon to come out. I’ve got some ideas of what could be the Apple Watch 2 be like. Let’s begin! 

Firstly, we all pretty much know that Apple is going to make the Apple Watch much thinner. Right now the Apple Watch 1st generation is pretty thick compared to the rest of the smart watch market.

Secondly, Apple could very likely make a cellular model. There was actually a smart watch that was going to come out but then was suddenly no longer being released do to “non-working hardware.” I’m pretty sure Apple could pull this off since they do have a cellular model for the iPad so, I could really see Apple doing this with in the next revision or so.

Lastly, more adorable prices. Most people are either buying FitBits or other “cheaper” options. Right now the cheapest option Apple sells is the 38mm Appel Watch Speot which starts at $349. Apple recently has been making there products more affordable. 

Overall, we’ll be seeing a bunch of new features and upgrades from the previous Apple Watch.