Best Game On iOS 2015


iOS has had some really good games this year. It’s very hard to pick just one since the App Store has so many great games. I’ve picked “Heads Up”  since  this entire year Heads Up has been on top charts as “#1” for a long time now. Heads up even surpassed Minecraft. Which not a lot of games or even apps have been able to do for a while now. Heads up has been able to keep its spot at #1.

(Yes, I do realize that Head Up is a 2 year old game. Head Up is still a very popular game and has been in the Top Charts for a long time now.)

Head up is a game where you put your phone up to head. You then have group of people try to either act out or give hints of what the word could be. If the player who has the iPhone unto their head can’t figure it out they’ll then flip the phone up. If they guess it right then they’ll flip the phone down. The more points, or words guessed correct the better. You just have one opponent. Time.

If you would like to learn more about Head Up click here to watch a video to get an even better understanding of game. You could possible even try the game out for yourself. You’ll have to spend $0.99 though.