The Biggest Change Since The Light Bulb

Omnidirectional comparison

I thought I would never say this but, I love this LED bulb from Cree. This LED bulb from Cree is super Sleek, power efficient, and I would say some what drop proof. We’ll get to that later.

I have the 60 watts LED bulb from Cree. I’ve used a bunch of bulbs in the past. They have either produced bad lighting or inaccurate lighting. The Cree bulb though does the job right! In fact it does such a great job I actually put a lamp on my desk. For ages now I always used my monitor as a light source, since I’ve I always hated using my computer in light for some reason. With the Cree I’ve put a lamp on my desk.

I normally work on my computer for hours, and more than most times I have to actually write on paper still. I’ve always used my monitor like a light so switching to a light I’m able to see and do my work more efficiency. While working super late my eyes normally get tired of light. With the Cree LED bulb I was able to work even longer without having to stop because I was either getting tired or light was giving my a headache.

This bulb has a 83 CRI (Color Rendering Index) which that means how much it’s able to reproduce reproduce the colors of various objects  in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. Which means you get amazing colors and is more like natural light.

Most bulbs if you put your ear next to them you can hear a buzz or a hum sounds. With the Cree it’s a No Buzz, No Hum bulb. Which I personally love since I normally work in very quite environment. I already hear enough noise with the billion of hard drives I have. To eliminate one more buzz noise is just amazing.

Cree bulb does also work with most standard dimmers. Which if you have an outlet that lets you dim any of the Cree LED bulbs you like. I love this feature since most light bulbs produce a very “nasty” color. This bulb produces a very rich soft white color. What to see yourself? Click Here!

Gen3.5 60W Soft White Package with bulb


Don’t you like to save money right? Well, this bulb is your money saver. Trust me! Just one of these bulbs estimated energy cost is $1.20 a year. If you have 20 of these in your entire year it would only cost you $25 a year. Which is so much better compared to regular lights. Most lights will cost you around $50 dollars a year for 20! You save around $25 a year! You could buy an entire meal for your family or towards a nice vacation, Just by switching to Cree’s LED bulbs.

Now You think that’s pretty good right? Well, I’ve had to get at least 12 bulbs this year since these generic bulbs just die super easy. Well, with this bulb say “goodbye” to buying new bulbs for over 27+ years! Just right there you saving a good hundred or more just in 5 years.

Oh, no I forget to tell you the best part of these bulbs. Who could I? Guess the price…. Only $7! That’s an amazing deal! For everything you get for that price, I’m kinda sad I didn’t know about Cree bulbs sooner.


Overall, I love this bulb and so should you! Energy efficient, wonderful soft white, and an amazing price. So you may ask where can you buy one of these amazing bulbs? Well, you can actually buy them from a bit of places. I’ve listed my two favorite places to buy these awesome bulbs.


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