How To Get Fortnite Alpha Keys


I’ve been trying to get into Fortnite’s alpha for the longest time now. I finally found how to get alpha keys. I totally wish I know this earlier. Please note you will have to pay some money. It’s nothing bad though.

So I’ve surf the web for keys for the longest time. Reddit was one place where I got super close to getting a key, but I never got it. I then looked up “Fortnite Keys” Then I found G2A. Which is a place where I buy all of my games. Who would have known that G2A has keys?

The keys are dirt cheap! The Keys (as of 12/6/15) are around $5 – $6. Which isn’t too bad. Then again it is still in alpha. I do recommend buying their protect plan. I have (only once) had a spam on there where the key didn’t work. Their protection plan prevents “SPAM keys” Which are keys that are invalid.

I don’t really recommend you buying the key since Fortnite “should be going into beta soon. Which means a lot more people will be able to try the game out. Currently I’m having problems playing the game at a “good” fps because I have a integrated video card. Besides that if you want to try alpha go ahead and pay $6. It’s worth it!


 This video has been removed from YouTube. I’m trying my very best to get this video back on to YouTube, for now just follow the steps above. Thanks!

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