Say Goodbye to 11-inch MacBook Air


The Macbook Air “Was” Apple’s thinnest consumer notebook. Since the MacBook 12-inch came it then become much thinner then the Macbook Air.

Why should we say “Goodbye” to the 11-inch Macbook air? Well, let’s think about this, Apple most likely won’t want to put a Intel Core M processor in a laptop that is meant to be light, thin, and fast! So most likely Apple will stick with eh Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processor.

If they want to make the Macbook Air thinner and faster then, it would pretty much be impossible to make it thinner and put a bigger battery and a faster processor in a 11-inch netbook.  To just fit the everything in to the 12-inch Macbook, you could tell it was a super tight fit to get everything in such tight enclosure.

So unless Apple puts a smaller battery and smaller processor (which mostly likely means a Core M processor) in the Macbook air to make it thinner Apple will need to do something to keep the name “Air.” Since the Macbook already is thinner and lighter then the Macbook Air.

Overall, we will just have to se what comes up but it could be very likely that the 11-inch Macbook Air is not longer being sold. Which means we may get a 13-in and possibly a 15-inch Macbook Air. Which would be the same sizes of the Macbook Pro line.