Happy Holidays!


December is a time of joy and happiness, I would like to wish you and everyone else Happy Holidays. This is the season that bring joy and happiness.

HEY! Have you heard about any of these amazing articles? I recommend you checking them out, they kinda awesome and unbelievable. Go ahead I know you want to read more.

Microsoft actually hugged Apple employees, in the spirit of the Holidays. Which once I saw the video I was super surprised Microsoft did that. Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Jony Ive and more actually danced it out too! Can this holiday season get any better? We’ll just have to see!

Also if you haven’t already seen my Techie Holiday Gift Guide 2015 you really should! I’ve picked out all of my favorite geeky, techie, gamer, etc items that everyone will love for an affordable price! Each item has its own post so you can personally learn even more about the product before, you buy it for a loved one or for yourself.

You can never have too many minions can you? Well, the minions do have a message to say to you. Actually it’s more like there trying to get something but, hey they’re minions. What more can you say? Check the video out here!

Don’t forget about Apple! They also showed off a new ad not actually really showing off any of there product. Just one simple message. Love,  . Click here to watch video!