Star Wars: Galaxy of the Heroes App of the Week #16


I haven’t been a huge fan of the new Star Wars games on the app store just because they seem to be the same old basic games. Galaxy of the Heroes on the other hand actually makes you feel like your playing a actual Star Wars game. Not just a cheap one made in a month. You can tell that EA spent some good time and thought about a fun, easy, game that Star Wars fans would love. This is it.

Galaxy of the Heroes is FREE! Hold your horses though. There is in-app purchases. You don’t need to pay though. Well, unless your the type of person that can’t wait four minutes for more energy. (We all know who you are.) There’s no way to escape this if you’re one of those people. Why? Well, unless you have a Windows phone then you won’t have to worry. If you have an iPhone or Android then the app is available for you to get.

Overall, try the app. It’s super fun and if you need a time waster then this is it! Plus if you can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie then check this game out. It “should” hold you back until December 18th, which is when the new Star Wars movie come out in theaters if you didn’t already know.


Can’t see the video? Click Here!