How To Make Your Computer Faster


There’s many ways you can actually make your computer much faster. Must of us have a computer that is 3 or more years old. Frankly they just don’t run as fast as they used too. So I have some fixes that you can do to fix them. You’ll have to spend some money though.

Upgrade to a SSD!


    SSD Stand for Solid State Drive. Which is like a hard drive but with out moving parts and much faster! SSD’s are normally have much lower space. So please keep that in mind.

    If your computer has a hard time loading up applications, then I really recommend a SSD. Even if you have a 7200RPM hard drive I still recommend upgrading because if you think loading applications is fast already then, you’ve never used a SSD today.

    There’s quite a bit of options to choose from! I’ve made a list down below where you can click on them and choose. Please remember that just because the SSD as lower amount of space doesn’t mean that it will be any cheaper then one with higher space. Also remember that theres more then just the one listed here. Find more SSD Here!

Kingston Digital 12oGB SSD – BUY NOW!

Samsung EVO 250GB SSD – BUY NOW!

Samsung EVO 500GB SSD – BUY NOW!



   Ram basically lets you open more applications and it can some times even make some of your apps run faster. Most computers from  around 4-5 years around have about 4GB of RAM which is a little out dated for the time now. Because most apps really start to use up even more RAM nowadays.

    Unless your only doing word processing you won’t need any more then 2GB of RAM. If you’re doing more then that you may need to look at 4GB or more.

    It’s hard to really tell how much RAM you need. The best way to tell how much RAM you need is to search up and see how much RAM your applications needs to run. Most apps only need about 1 or 2GB of RAM. Keep in mind you will need more then that because you’ll have to count in the operating system too!

   Down below I’ve listed some of the best RAM to buy for your computer. Please not if you have a laptop then you may need to look for “laptop” RAM which is much smaller then desktop RAM.

Kingston 4GB RAM – BUY NOW!

Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB RAM – BUY NOW!

Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB RAM – BUY NOW!


   Overall, there’s not many ways to really upgrade your computer these days. But, keep in mind if you have a desktop that can upgrade it’s CPU then I also recommend that. Please keep in mind that there’s TON of ways of changing settings in the OS to make it where the computer has a much easier time.

    Should you upgrade your computer or just save up for a new one? Well, if you really enjoy your computer and don’t feel like buying a new one and want to see what it’s like to upgrade a computer then the best way is to just upgrade your computer. Id you feel like you can’t upgrade or just don’t feel like upgrading then I recommend just buying a new computer.