LG Curved Smart OLED TV Techie Holiday Gift Guide #10


The future is here. OLED brings crispy viewing angles to the LG curved smart TV. OLED curved 1080p is expensive but totally worth the price! You even get 3-D viewing too!

Don’t worry about having to unplug your console just to plug in your other device.  The LG OLED TV has 4 HDMi inputs so, you never have to worry about having to unplug one of your devices just to use your other device. So it’s a “No worry zone” for HDMi inputs!


    Sound good so far? Well it gets even better! The LG OLED TV is also a “smart” TV. Which allows you to watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vudu. You can even play games, use Skype, use the web and more! The LG smart TV uses a “Magic Remote” which allows you to use it almost like a Wii remote where you can move the remote around and use it to type and navigate around the OS.

Overall, the LG OLED Smart TV is really great. The TV starts at $1,799.00 for the 55 inch 1080p version. You can also get the 55 Ultra 4K TV. So it’s worth the money if you feel like spending $1,799.00 on a 1080p curved smart TV for the holidays.