Hidden Games on Your Mac


    Do you own a Mac? Well, you already have a ton of retro games on your Mac. Bet you didn’t know that! There’s a way to play them with out having to download anything! Its super simple! Just follow the steps below and your get the hidden games right on your Mac!

  1. Press “Command” and “Space Bar” at the same time.
  2.  Then search “Terminal” Then a Terminal window will open.
  3. Simply type “emacs”
  4. Then press the “ESC” key.
  5. Then just press “X” (A list of games should start to pop up)
  6. Type “5×5, doctor, dunner, gomoku, landmark, pong, solitaire, snake, or Tetris” to play one of those games.

Told you it was super easy to do! Oh, before I forget to tell you if you want to exit out of the game press “Control + X” then “Control + C”