Apple TV 4th Generation Techie Holiday Gift Guide #6


    The Apple TV is a gift for everyone. Literally. Who ever you buy the Apple TV for they’ll love it.

   At first I thought the Apple TV was going to be lame and feature a few apps and mainly meant to watch TV. But, it isn’t just meant to watch TV, it’s meant to do a lot more then that.

   You’re able to play games, check your wifi speed, watch  movies, you can even buy items right from your TV! You think that’s a lot? Well, its not even it! You can do even more then that! The Apple TV has more then 1,000 apps already.

   The Apple TV starts at $149 with the Siri remote and a lighting cable. Unfortunately, the Apple TV doesn’t come with an HDMi cable so if you’re buying the Apple TV for someone make sure they have a HDMi cable or they won’t be able to use the Apple TV.


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