Is Your Laptop Out Of Space? I have a fix!


Most likely you’ve bought a laptop in the last year or so and it may not have a ton of space. Why? Well, maybe because it has an SSD and most SSDs on laptops are fairly low amount of space. Most laptops have around 250GB of space. Most people normally fill up there hard drive space really quick buy a few apps and other things like photos, video, documents, and more!

I have a solution actually. Pretty much every laptop has an SD card slot. Well, on Amazon they’re selling a 128GB SD card for only $50 and a 256GB SD card for $95. If you store a lot of files then I really recommend you getting the 256GB one but, if you only store a few files and just need the extra space I would buy the 128GB and save some money.

If you’re worried about speed, don’t worry. SD cards are pretty fast for storing files. But, if you’re planning on running an OS on that SD card you can pretty much forget about it. SD cards are only really good for storing files. So if you need the extra space for storing photos, videos, etc. You’ll be fine with a standard SD card.