Rayman Fiesta Run App of the Week #13


OMG I love this game! No joke I’m in love with this game. You Jump, Glide and fight your way through each level. I’ve found my self to love both Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Adventures which are both fantastic games.

Currently (AS OF NOV 8,2015) Rayman Fiesta Run is free on iOS for App of the Week on iTunes. On android you will have to pay $2.99 to play the game but, its worth it! There’s in-app purchases but, you can do with out them because everything can be unlocked super easy. Unless you can’t wait then you will have to purchases some items.

Overall, this game is one of those games that you can put do but you really don’t want too. I’ve found my self to play hours and hours of this game because, it’s just so fun play and unlock new items and characters. I recommend paying $2.99 for this game its wroth and it uses iCloud save so you’ll never lose your flaming hot dogs again!