Who is the iPad Pro for? 

     The iPad Pro isn’t for the average consumer and we know this. The iPad Pro is for people who want to get more creative with iOS and for the iOS gamers. 

      The iPad Pro packs a huge punch of power! It packs so much power you can even edit 4K videos. This thing has an A9X chips which is the newest power chip from Apple.

      The iPad Pro would be excellent for users who records gameplay of iOS games and edits them. The iPad Pro is the fastest iOS device out yet! Which means any iOS game will play just fine and won’t have a problem running them at all. 

      The other users would be the creative type. What I mean by the creative type is artists, film makers, and more. I’ve already seen videos by some Pixar artists getting there hands on the iPad Pro and drawing characters as soon as it was in there hands. I would also imagine that indie film makers would also love to edit with iMovie and make a movie instant with the iPad Pro. 

      The iPad Pro is a wonderful device and I can’t wait to see what users do with the iPad Pro.