Best Game for the Apple TV 4th Generation 


    I just received my Apple TV 4th generation and I’m loving it! But, there has been somethings that I think need to be changed but overall it’s a really good streaming box. When Apple integrated the App Store to the Apple TV there’s choices for games now. Not every game on the Apple TV is good, I fact there is only one that really kept me playing for hours.

     That game is Rayman Adventures. The integration with the Siri remote and your hand just makes the game feel right to play. Rayman Adventures isn’t a challenging game if you have played 2D platformers before. 

   Rayman Adventures is FREE to everyone that owns an Apple TV 4th generation. It’s not a free to play game at all. There is in-app purchases but, there’s is no need to buy them since you can unlock many of the items for free!
     Also how can you go wrong with a game that uses Game Center and allows you to get TONS of points just for playing the game???

Click to watch the Apple TV trailer for Rayman Adventures.