Should You Buy The 4th Generation Apple TV?


There’s lots of reasons why you should and shouldn’t buy the new Apple TV.  I’m going to try and focus on one thing and that is “should you buy the 4th generation Apple TV?”

The new Apple TV was released during Apple’s Special event a couple months back, they promised that were going to release the new Apple TV this Fall. So far they have lived up to that promise and already have orders up and are shipping the Apple TV’s as I speak.

Apple TV is bring a all new interface and an App store, Which the 3th generation didn’t have an App store so this is big for the new upcoming Apple TV. The App store is going to have games, shopping apps, and much more! If you already own a console then there’s really not a point to buy the Apple TV. If you don’t have a console then the Apple TV is a great place to get started! Many apps to use and things to do on the Apple TV.

The Apple TV doesn’t support 4K viewing but, the Apple TV does indeed support 1080p at 60FPS. Which most consoles still can’t do to this day. It also supports 3D viewing, which means you can uses 3D glasses (if your TV supports 3d) and you can watch 3D content off of it.

If you only use your old Apple TV for watching Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Etc. There’s not a need to buy a new Apple TV if your doing the basics which the old 3th generation Apple TV already does. Which saves you a good $50 if you buy the 3rd generation Apple TV for just watching Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Now, etc. If you plan on using your Apple Tv for more then watching content then you will probably want to buy the new 5th generation.

Overall, I say you should wait to buy the Apple TV 4th generation when you can buy the 3rd generation for $69 but, you just won’t get the new features, App Store, Siri, etc. It’s all up to you whether you should buy the Apple TV or not.