Does Wearing the Apple Watch Make you Rich?


    This may be one of the weirdest type posts I’ve ever done. But, here I go. So pretty much every other day since buying the Apple Watch I get asked “Are you Rich?” Now I’m not sure if its what I wear or if it’s because the watch is expensive. Not completely sure to be honest. (Keep in mind that I wear a 42mm sliver Apple Watch Sport with a white sport band.)

     I’ve gotten over it but the two main questions I get is “Are you rich?” and “How much does that cost?” It’s hard to explain the whole “Are you rich? thing to people because it could go different ways in peoples minds but its one of those things after a while you stop responding to those types of  questions. Now with the “How much does that cost” Most people actually have no clue what I’m wearing. Which is kinda sad in a why because, that means Apple is not advertising a bunch or people don’t really pay attention to the news. Normally people ask “what’s that?” then I have to go in to a whole conversation of what it is and what it does. (BTW you can’t go on the web or watch YouTube videos on the Apple Watch) Then the whole “How much does it cost?” question comes up and I say “$400 for the 42 sport model that I have and it can get even more expensive.” Then the “Are you rich?” question comes up pretty much every time. I realized some people care what I have on my wrist and some people could care less to know whats on my wrist.

       Overall, does the Apple Watch make you rich? Well, that depends if your wearing the the 18k Apple Watch or if your wearing the sport version. Overall if you have an Apple Watch its means you have it for a reason or you just wanted it. In Apple’s minds it’s suppose to look like a fashion piece and it indeed does look like a fashion piece. It’s not intend to look like your rich but if you want people thinking that go ahead!