Goodbye Consoles!

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, and smartphones are getting more and more powerful each day. Consoles aren’t super powerful. In fact they can’t even game at 4K yet. Which there’s already a 4k phone which plays games at 4K. So consoles are way behind at this point. So here are my reasoning why we should say goodbye to consoles very soon.


  Why should we say goodbye to consoles?

  Well, at this point there is coming out on both iOS and Android which look as good or even better then consoles. There is a lot more of “free” games on smartphones then on consoles by a lot.

    Smart phones you can bring everywhere but, with consoles you are limited to seating on your couch. Bummer. With smartphones you can bring them everywhere!

   There is tons of accessories tat you can use on your smartphone to improve your gaming skills on your phone. Unfortunately, consoles are very limited to accessories. On most consoles you have a controller and a headset,and sometimes you get a camera. That’s pretty much ll you get for console. With phones you get controllers, headphones, screen toys, and more!

   Those are the main reasons why I think we should say goodbye to consoles. Obviously we won’t see consoles going away anytime soon, but do expect more smartphone gamer in the near future.