Trove Best F2P Game For the Mac


I’ve been playing Trove for a little over a week now and it’s AMAZING! No joke. Seriously though its a really good game.

I haven’t played a bunch of games lately since, I’ve kinda got bored of games lately just because they all feel about the same. Yes this game is blocky like Minecraft but, it’s nothing like Minecraft though. It’s a MMORPG, which are my favorite type of games. Trove just stands out and offers more custom abilities then other MMORPG’s. Oh, and what game do you get to ride a horse and double jump?   maxresdefault

Trove can get a little confusing at first, after playing for about an hour you’re already know more then the basics of the game. There’s tons to do and after every quest there’s another quest to be done!xt

Can’t see the video? Click Here!