New Mac Pro Early Next Year


Theres was quite a few rumors the Apple was going to release a new Mac Pro this week. Well, it looks like they’re not going to be releasing one this year. Early next year we could very possibly see a new Mac Pro.

Its been two years since Apple Has released a new Mac Pro and its definitely in need of an upgrade now since the 27in 5K iMac pretty much beats its butt in pretty much everything.


What could we see in the new Mac Pro?

    We could see a bunch of things in the new Mac Pro.  New RAM upgrade would be really big, around 128GB  or 64GB as an option. The base model would most likely have 16GB of RAM instead of the base model having 12GB of RAM.

    We could see new graphics cards which can either support more 4K display or support 5K displays.

    More storage could be very possible. 1TB of SSD would be nice if Apple could pull it off.  But a 750GB SSD would be a lot more realistic.

   The last thing we could see is Thunderbolt 3. Which would allow for access graphics cards, and more storage options. USB- Type C we could see but it would be highly unrealistic since only the MacBook has USB-Type C.

Overall, we could see a massive upgrade to the Mac Pro. Be prepared for awesomeness, in the coming months!