How to clean an Apple Watch Sport Band


Cleaning an Apple Watch Sport could never be easier. Seriously. Its SUPER easy.  I recommend cleaning your watch band every week or so. I use a a white band which does get more dirtier, so i clean it about every 4 days so. Heres who to clean you Apple Watch Sport band.

  1.  Remove both sides of your Apple Sport band,
  2.  After that Sit your Apple Watch aside.
  3. Then Find a where you are ok to fill it with water.
  4. Only fill the sink just enough to get the watch band under water.
  5. Find some soap id your watch has marker, pen, etc on it.
  6. Then Find a rag. ( If you want to)
  7. Just start rubbing off the watch band with water and soap (if needed.)
  8. You band should start to look a lot cleaner. If not just keep putting it under water and rubbing it until you get the dirt etc off your band.
  9. After cleaning just put your bands back on your watch and you should be good to go!