NEW Magic Trackpad, Mouse and Keyboard 

Today Apple released three new accessories. Those three accessories are the Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, and the Magic Trackpad 2. Here is everything you need to know about each accessorie.

Magic TrackPad 2 – $129.00

The new trackpad has a 29% surface area. The new trackpad uses a new technology that Apple announced last year, that technology is “Force Touch.” This technology allows you to press harder on the trackpad and get a response back just like if you were to actually click a mouse. #AMAZING!
Magic Mouse 2 – $79.00
Not much has actually changed with Magic Mouse 2. The big thing that has changed is NO MORE BATTERIES! So now there’s no more having to replace batteries every 4 weeks. The internal structure has changed too! Which this means there is even less moving parts in Magic Mouse 2!

Magic Keyboard – $99.00

A bunch has changed with Apple’s keyboard. They are now calling their keyboard the “Magic Keyboard.” It totally deserves the name! Magic Keyboard uses Apple’s new “Butterfly” keys, which is only on the new MacBooks. Apple also redesign the look of the Magic Keyboard a bit too!


  That’s right, No more batteries! You no longer have to change batteries out every 4 weeks. HEY! How does it charge then?? Its charges using your iPhone charger!


Magic Keyboard – $99.00

Magic Mouse 2 – $79.00

Magic Trackpad 2 – $129.00